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Theory X & Theory Y Quiz

Write a list of numbers 1 through 10 on a piece of paper.

For each of the questions below, give a score of:

If you  Strongly agree 
If you  Slightly agree 
If you  Are neutral 
If you  Slightly disagree 
If you  Strongly disagree 


Question 1:

___ Employees must be closely supervised.


Question 2:

___ Employees want job security above all else.


Question 3:

___ Employees rarely show initiative in the workplace.


Question 4:

___ Employees are lazy.


Question 5:

___ Employees have little ambition


Question 6:

___ Employees believe play is natural and work is not.


Question 7:

___ Given a chance, employees will avoid working


Question 8:


___ Employees are not self-motivated

Question 9:

___ Employees prefer being told what to do rather than figuring it out for themselves


Question 10:

___ Employees work to eat and pay their bills rather than to solve problems




Add up your points.

If your score is 50, you believe that Theory X is correct.

If your score is 10, you believe that Theory Y is correct.

If your score is in between 50 and 10, you believe some of both theories – but lean toward one theory or the other.

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